The Benefits of Enema

Why do colon cleansing enema?

Benefits of enema image by Health ZestAre you wondering about the so called benefits of enema and whether its just a hype or something that you should seriously look into? It’s a good question especially when you’ve never heard of enemas before. The practice might seem strange and most people are quick to dismiss it altogether after hearing about what the process involves. Yet a colon cleansing enema is something that many health experts highly recommend and for good reasons.

People’s lifestyle today are full of stress factors and toxins that ultimately overwhelm our body’s ability to detoxify itself. Most people subsist on a diet low in fibre and high in processed ingredients. Coupled with a stressful lifestyle, it’s easier than ever for embedded waste and toxins to accumulate in the colon raising toxin levels in the body and impairing its ability to effectively filter out toxins entering the body. Left unchecked, the condition ultimately manifests itself in many ways – decreased energy levels, uncontrollable weight gain, frequent bouts of constipation and even cancer. Thus there is a need for people to cleanse their body of embedded waste toxins once in a while and one of the most effective ways of doing that is to do an enema at home.

Other notable benefits of enema

Now in addition to colon cleansing, people may have different motivations for undergoing an enema. The great thing about enema cleansing is that whatever the problem is about your health or appearance, it would surely benefit you in one way or another. Let’s get into a few other specific benefits of enemas and why you might want to consider adopting the health practice yourself:

Enemas for constipation

Severe constipation is one the most common signs of a colon burdened with toxin and waste deposits. This is primarily due to the fact that its closely tied to the metabolic functions of the body. If you’ve been experiencing recurring bouts of constipation and seeking a natural alternative to all the medications you’ve been taking to alleviate the problem, taking an enema is certainly a healthier option that is well worth considering.

Coffee enema weight loss

Yet another popular motivation for people to undertake an enema is that it helps in weight loss. Excessive weight gain is another common sign of elevated waste and toxin levels in the colon. The body devotes more of its energy towards detoxifying the colon and less on burning excess calories in the body. This explains why some people can’t seem to lose any weight even with regular exercise and a healthy diet. If that sounds a lot like you then taking an enema along with an organic coffee solution (another highly potent anti-oxidant and once that is more readily absorbed through rectum) will certainly help.

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