Hey there gorgeous girl, I’m Kim Williams (or Kimmy to my friends and family).

I’m a Wellness coach for busy mums and I’m so glad you’re here.

It means you’ve felt that burning desire to discover your ZEST for life, and I want to help you achieve that!!

I believe that wellness starts from within.

Healthy ZEST is my business, my passion and my calling.

I provide 1-1 Wellness Coaching for the working mum, the stay at home mum, all mums that wants to take back control of their lives.

As mums we are expected to have everything together, juggle all the balls and sometimes the one we let go of is our own health. It doesn’t have to be that way, I help my clients get the balance right without complicated or time consuming diets or exercise programs.

 But first, you’re probably wondering – how did I get here?

A few years back, I was not exactly the picture of perfect health. I was eating way too much processed junk and relying on a potent mix of chocolate, coffee and Coke to get through the day. My exercise habits were less than regular, I didn’t really like my job, and I wasn’t dealing with stress well at all (ummm, weekend biscuit and cheese binge sessions? Check. Smashing down a couple of bottles of wine back? Double check!)

As you can imagine, I wasn’t super happy within myself. Yes, I had a wonderful husband and 3 gorgeous kids, but inside, I just felt… kinda blah. I was carrying excess weight, my skin was dull, my energy levels were constantly crashing, I had no passion for what I was doing – not exactly the way I’d pictured looking and feeling as a young mum!

I can’t tell you how many of my clients tell me they feel exactly the same.

Thankfully, my intuition told me I wasn’t living my best life. The feeling of being unsettled, unhappy and craving more started ringing loudly in my head. But I still wasn’t quite ready to change…

 Then a giant wake-up call shook my very foundations.

My turning point came when my dad (who was a former smoker) was diagnosed with lung cancer. He had battled kidney cancer a few years earlier and this new diagnosis sent my world into a spin. I felt completely overwhelmed, shattered and lost. After a brave battle, he passed away at the age of 48.

Amidst the grief, I realised I had to take charge of my own health and wellness, and swiftly gave myself a kick up the arse. My dad would want me to be fit, healthy and mindful, so I started on an incredible health journey – I poured myself into learning, soaked as much information as I could, and started to turn things around.

I immersed myself into a Wellness Coach course, which ignited my passion for coaching and connection.

On top of that, I have been spending a year studying to become a health coach at one of the world’s leading holistic institutes, where I have been able to delve even deeper, honing my skills and distilling my message.

Eventually, with all my newfound wisdom, I lost the weight, got my mojo back, and started feeling good again. Really good. It felt amazing to be able to run around with my kids all day, feel awesome inside my own skin, and do work that I was passionate about.

And underneath it all, I had a burning desire of my own: to share everything I’d learnt with other mums, so that they could kick-start their own wellness journey too…

 All of which led me here, to you…

I’ve always loved cooking for my family and friends, and I’m a self-motivated kinda gal. My head is full of recipes, healthy tips, fitness techniques and inspiration to share with you.

My clients are a combination of stay-at-home mums, working mums, new mums and mums with school age kids. I support and encourage them on their own journey to wellness and fulfilment.

My wellness message is all about figuring out what’s right for YOU, with your unique body and lifestyle. There’s so much misinformation out there in the Health industry, and way too many people preaching ‘my way or the highway’ type programs. But that’s DEFINITELY not me, and I’m guessing it’s not you either.

 My approach to health is about making it easy, relatable and real.

I want to help you crack your own unique wellness code. I want to empower you to stand in your power, to say what you want, and to have the courage to go get it. I want to share with you my own struggles, and the tools and strategies I’ve used to get through them.

This is real-world health, for real women, who are ready for kick-ass, real results (… and who want to enjoy life along the way).

 Take a peek inside my world…

  • I’m a total shopaholic. My main obsessions? Handbags, jackets, and shoes (oh my!)
  • I’m ADDICTED to good coffee (ummm, as evidenced in the photo above – even in my pics I need coffee!)
  • I’m a ferocious reader. Sometimes I read a book a night.
  • I have the BIGGEST collection of cook books you’ve ever seen.
  • I have a beautiful family, a wonderfully supportive husband, and 3 cheeky kids under 11.
  • I live in country Victoria on a farm (and yes, I’ve been known to chase escaped sheep while wearing towering high heels).
  • Don’t tell anyone, but I’m turning the big 3-0 this year and a trip to NYC is providing all the excitement a girl could wish for (woohoo!)
  • My extended family are my EVERYTHING. We’re bold, we’re loud, we spend most of our time laughing, and we’re extremely close.
  • My addiction to social media is a little out of control – just ask my loving husband! But despite my Facebook addiction, I somehow still manage to run a household, grow my business and make sure my three gorgeous kids are fed.

If I could teach you one thing, it would be this:

You deserve to live a life you dreamed of.

You deserve to feel good inside your own skin, to have the vitality to kick ass throughout the day,

jump outta bed with energy and ZEST!

That’s what Healthy Zest is all about.

Ready to take the first step towards your own Zesty life?

I’d love you to jump aboard and connect further. You can…

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